Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Special Guests Petticoats on the Prairie

Good afternoon junkers. I hope all of you are having a great week so far. We are gonna try something new on the blog. Each week will be spotlighting a vintage show. I always love hearing about how shows got their start, how long they have been doing it and how the show has grown over the years. I hope all of you will enjoy these guest posts too. We will be spotlighting shows all across the US. We are excited to introduce our first guests, although they need no introductions. We had the pleasure of speaking with Cat Geiger from Petticoats on the Prairie. I know all of you have heard of these wonderful ladies. The show is a huge success. So if you are ready we will get started! 

Hello everyone!   My name is Cat Geiger, and I am one of three producers of Petticoats on the Prairie, the Premier Vintage Market of West Texas!    My co-producers  are Mary Smith and Cecilia Scott and we call our little tribe "The Rodeo Queen of West Texas". First things first, as much as we would like to be, we are not actual Rodeo Queens. Brainstorming one night on what to call our group, Mary mentioned how much she always wanted to be a Rodeo Queen and the title just stuck!  We are so proud to have built our show from the ground up and never would have expected the success we have enjoyed so far!  

Our adventure began back in 2010, when there were very few shows around, besides Round Top and Canton.  My friends and I had a vision to create a traveling market that was more accessible to West Texas, and we wanted to showcase artisans’ talents in a unique way.  Our goal was to create a very eclectic shopping experience that brought together the best of the past and the present and bring it right here to West Texas. The event brings together incredible vendors from all over the U.S. that feature the cream of the crop in vintage and repurposed treasures, antiques, clothing, furniture, architectural salvage, industrial, handmade goods, art, jewelry and cool JUNK too!   We also bring in a special guest to each show, and have featured photographer Lara Blair of Washington, Binky la Faye of LLano, Tx,  artist J. Cruse of Post, Tx, Fancy Smith of Cactus Creek in Missouri, the Girls Gone Junkin' and Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Flea Market Style Magazine.  We are super excited to have Elise Techentine, an artist known as Purplegoat, as our guest in Coleman for the upcoming show on April 15-16th at the Bill Franklin Center/Goree Expo.  

 Back at the very first Petticoats on the Prairie show in Ira, Texas, two ladies arrived in their tricked-out, vintage fifth wheel trailers and set up in the parking lot. They were quite a conversation piece at the show and generated a great deal of interest. We had never seen any trailers like this but we knew we wanted to be a part of it!  This is when we learned about Sisters on the Fly, a group of ladies who gets away from everyday life. Their motto is: No men, no pets, no kids … and be nice. The sisterhood started in 1999 with two sisters who wanted to share their adventures with other women. Now there are over 6,000 women who participate! Merging Petticoats on the Prairie and Sisters on the Fly was a natural transition. “Mary, Cecilia and I are in both, so integrating them together seemed logical."   Now the Sisters come to every show and camp on the grounds!  Petticoats on the Prairie was voted one of the Top Vintage Markets in the U.S. by Flea Market Style Magazine two years in a row and were so humbled by that honor!  

We normally produce only 2 shows a year and work hard year round to make them extra special!  Our shows were the first to have a unique theme and we encourage our vendors and shoppers to have fun and dress up according to each theme!   We treat our shoppers to an early-shopping event, complete with a catered brunch, special presentation from our guest and an opportunity to get first dibs on all the goodies before the doors open to the public the first day of the show!   We also do a Vendor party for our hard-working vendors on Friday night of the show, it gives them a chance to relax and dine and get to know each other better.  We could not do our shows with these talented people and are so blessed to count them all as friends too!  We look for a unique mix of vendors, and booth presentation is very important to the jury process.  We want our shoppers to be "wowed" when they walk in the venue!  Style, staging  and presentation is so important, whether you are selling fine Turquoise jewelry or handmade aprons.   We invite you to follow us on Facebook  and you can email us at potp@outlook.com.  A big thank you to Booth Crush for letting us tell you a little bit about our show and we hope to meet you all somewhere down the road!   

Thank you, Cat. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to talk with us. Maybe one day I will get to visit this amazing show, but until then I will have to dream about it. 


Girls Gone Junkin said...

These ladies are Great, and really go all out to put on a Wonderful Show!

stevenjared0853 said...

These guest outfits are awesome. Loved all of these. Thanks for photos. I have to attend an outdoor party at one of iconic local party venues and thinking to have one of these outfits for that party. Thanks for the inspiration!