Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Architectural Salvage Display Ideas

Architectural salvage is no longer for the scrap pile. Salvage shops are becoming increasingly popular due to HGTV's hit shows like Fixer Upper and Rehab Addict. Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict, may use salvage in the traditional way, while Joanna Gaines has shown us using these items in a non traditional way can make great wall art or statement pieces in our homes.

I scoured the web looking for upcycled salvage and let me tell you folks are so creative these days. I love how people are thinking outside the lines and coming up with all these fun ways to use salvage as display ideas. Thee ideas are great not just for your home, but using them in your booth or even as wedding decor etc. I think a lot of us like to feel a connection to the past and what a great way to honor the past. Here are a few images I found.

Via: Living Vintage

This was intended for a wedding but wouldn't this look great in a booth? I could see adding lights around the doors and shelving on top with a display.
Via: Rusty Rooster

Via: DazzleWhiteFrazzled.com

Via; Dandelion Patina 

Via: Pinterest

Via: The Gypsy Trunk Vintage

Via: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Via: Pinterest

The next three images are from booths. The first image is an old window grate. I thought it looked great as a photo holder.

These old springs came out of a 1940's chair. It also made a great photo display.

This last one is to show the rusty bed springs. I found these on the side of the road. Awesome score!

Here are some sources for architectural salvage.

* The Deconstructed House (Atlanta, GA)

* Marietta Reclamation (Marietta, GA)

The Vintage Station (Bessemer, AL)

* Southern Accents (Cullman, AL)

* Preservation Station (Nashville, TN)

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