Monday, February 1, 2016

Dealer Checklist of Questions for Shop Owners

Here is a handy dandy little checklist of questions I use when scouting out possible booth space.

Questions to ask yourself regarding the store:

*Is the store in a high traffic area? Some antique malls are located in shopping centers where there is usually a big anchor store like a Publix, Home Depot or Target. You can always expect lots of foot traffic. But what about independent buildings? Take a look around. Is this building located on busy street or is it off the beaten path? If off the beaten path you may not get a lot of traffic.

*Does the store have adequate parking? I have been in all kinds of parking situations. Big parking lots, small parking lots, street parking only or no parking at all. You will want to take this factor into consideration. If it's difficult for you to park it will be for your customers too.

*Does the store have a loading dock or good place to unload my vehicle? This is always a good question to keep in mind. 

*Is the store neat, clean, well lit? Are the restrooms clean? Dingy, under lit stores always make me a little uneasy.

*Is the maintenance kept up on the building? Look over head for leak stains. If the building is run down, needs painting or needs work I feel like customers have a lower expectation on pricing and therefore expect bargain basement prices.

*Does the store have a friendly staff? If the staff isn't friendly to you, then this is the way they are going to treat your customers too.

Questions for the store owner:

1. What days and hours are the store open?

2. Is there a lease? If so, how long is the lease?

3. Is there a deposit?

4. How much commission does the store take?

5. What money do I need upfront?

6. Are there any other fees that will be deducted from my check like advertising etc?

7. How often is payout?

8. What hours and days can vendors work their booth?

9. Am I required to work at the store?

10. Do I have to have a business license?

11. Am I responsible or is the store responsible for reporting taxes?

12. Does my booth have electricity?

13. Will I be able to use lamps? (This is always a deal breaker for me)

14. Can I paint my booth?

15 If my booth doesn't have walls, will I be allowed to put up partitions?

16. Will I be able to do construction to my booth? (Adding beams overhead etc) 

17. Does the store offer layaway? If so, will my larger items be removed from my booth or will they have to take up real estate until the lay-away is paid out?

18. Does the store promote on social media? What other kind of promotion does the store do?

19. What kind of policy does the store have for broken items?

20. Does the store do any kind of events or sales?

21. Will there be anyone on hand to help me move bigger pieces? 

I hope this list has been helpful. If have questions that I didn't cover please comment below and I will update this list.

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