Thursday, March 14, 2019

Georgia Junkies 41

What do you get when you take four successful, good friends and mix it with a huge passion for antiques? A new junkin show of course! Today, we are so excited to share the interview we did with Georgia Junkies 41. There has been no shortage of shout outs over on our Facebook page for this upcoming vintage market.

You may be wondering why we have shown so much love for this show over the thousands of other all across the land. One reason is three of these ladies are dear friends of mine and that's just what friends do. The other reason is we were asked to be the featured vendor and of course, we are thrilled and honored to do so. I love these gals. The three of us had booths (they still do) at the Marietta Queen of Hearts, while Stephanie, Kathy and I simultaneously had second booths at another location in Hiram. So these old gals are my partners in crime or should I say...Sisters in Junkin.

Dr. Shara Mays also happens to be my Optometrist and is part owner of True Vision Eyecare in Acworth, GA. I did a blog post about them back in August 2016. If you missed it you can read it here. Shara has been in this industry for a long time and has had many home decor booths over the years. You can find her at The Market and at Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors.

Stephanie Rainey is a former teacher and assistant principal who is now a virtual assistant for Shaun Bradley with Vistage Worldwide. Kathy Albright works with ABS which is a company that sells shutters and blinds. These two ladies joined forces and created Scrappy Chix. They have a booth right down from Shara's booth at Queen of Hearts. You can also find them at Two Liru in Downtown Historic Acworth, GA.

Shana Gould whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet has owned and sold several different businesses. Most recently she was the mastermind behind Divas and Dames and Choxies Craft and Crate both in Acworth. She just launched an online boutique called Blonde Junkie. She also has space at  Two Liru.

Now here is where the funny part comes in...Shana had her new boutique branding done by the uber talented Kelli Mitchell over at Pink Lemonade Company. I,too, have been a long time fan of Kelly's work. I created a social media graphic for the show using some of her designs. I was going to do their show brochure but time just wasn't on my side. I had to suggest they get someone else. That, someone, was Kelly and that's when I was told Shana already had employed her design services. Such a small world. Here is the cute graphic I did for them.

So without further ado let's get this interview started. But first let's put some faces with the names.
from left to right Shara Mays, Stephanie Rainey, Kathy Albright, Shana Gould

BC: How did the idea for Georgia Junkies come about?
GJ41: A couple of us have been in business and renting booths at local antique and interiors stores for years. Two of began talking a couple of years ago about how nice it would be to have something like Round Top, Texas right here in North Georgia, but neither of us had ever started a business. So we contacted one of the other partners who has started several businesses to see if this was something that she might be interested in doing with us. At the time we all had very busy lives and we felt we were not in a position to start something new that could potentially grow to be something pretty big. So we put things on hold for one year. When we met again at the same Starbucks one year later, we decided it was a good time for the four of us and we had each put time and thought into what we envisioned this event to look like. The next week we found ourselves in Shana's jeep driving all over North Georgia looking for a perfect location. When we drove into Bartow County Saddle Club we knew instantly that this year-long dream was about to become a reality.

BC: How long have you been planning this event? 
GJ41: We talked for one year and have now spent a second year planning. Our first vintage market is next weekend. March 22-24th. It's hard to believe that two years of dreaming and working is now a week away from reality.

BC: Creating a vintage market like this seems like a lot of work. To give an idea to anyone else out there thinking about starting one can you tell us how many hours went into all the planning?
GJ41: We met every week for over a year and we were constantly talking or texting. We each split duties such as advertising, website, vendor relations, etc. We would say at least ten hours a week each week for the first six months and since September, it has steadily increased to twenty to thirty hours. It has become a full-time job for all in addition to our already full-time jobs. But it has been very rewarding.

BC: What are some things you hope to provide the attendees? 
GJ41: We want this vintage market to be a really fun experience. We knew we wanted to provide the ultimate shopping weekend, but more than that we wanted to create an event that every member of the family would enjoy and remember. We have over one hundred vendors and we have been careful to accept entries based on the interests of everyone who will walk through our gate. There will be a fashion show, live music, product demonstrations on stage by our vendors, great food and a corn hole area for anyone waiting on shoppers. While shopping has always been our main focus for this event, we wanted to create a family-friendly feel.

BC: After the announcement of this show, your vendor list filled up so quickly. How did you accomplish this? 
GJ41: Great advertising has been our number one goal for this event. We have worked really hard for outstanding and now for excited customers. We have used all types of social media, particularly Facebook. It's amazing how far social media can reach. We had a customer contact us from Adairsville who heard of us from a friend in Arizona.

To get the best possible vendors we went out to all the local markets that are similar to the one we are building here and recruited top talent at each one. We had cards printed up with all of our information and personally invited vendors that we really wanted in our market. We also have a website and through that and our social media presence, many vendors found us as well. Now we are focusing on the event advertisement. We have done everything from news articles to a billboard in Cartersville to rack cards and to a radio interview that will air Tuesday morning at 7:30 WBHF am 1450 in Cartersville.

BC: You mentioned a fashion show and product demonstrations. Can you please give us the deets?
GJ41: Yes here is the info and schedule.

BC: Is this a rain or shine event? 
GJ41: Yes it is. There is a covered area

BC: How often will you ladies do these shows? 
GJ41: The vintage market will be a semi-annual show. We will have one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

BC: Do you have a date for your Fall show? I'm sure vendors are already asking you about this hint hint!
GJ41: Yes, our next show will be on October 18th-20th.

BC: Are you accepting applications for the Fall market? 
GJ41: We will take a couple of weeks off after the first market. Then we will start right back up in the middle of April with a recap meeting. Vendors can find the application on the website by the end of April. Fall is a very busy show so we would suggest vendors not wait too long to apply. We were sad to turn away some top notch vendors for the first show because we had already met our quota for specific categories. We are trying very hard not to duplicate booths, although that is tough at times.

When we reached a certain number for jewelry, soap, etc we said all others who applied after that were denied during the application process. We made a commitment to our vendors that we would try to control as much duplication as possible. We have been true to our word.

BC: What piece of advice would give others thinking about starting a vintage show like this? 
GJ41: Our advice to anyone wanting to put any type of event together, not just a vintage market but anything large scale would be to not rush the process. We took almost two years from the first conversation to the first show. It took a good majority of that to decide what our big vision was and to get every little detail hammered out. There are a lot of decisions, paperwork and details that no one thinks about when they are walking through a show. For instance, there is a specific type of fire extinguisher that must be on the premises throughout the event. And that's not the one we all have under our sink in case of emergencies. That is just one example, but there are many more details that we have learned this past year about creating an event that had we rushed it and not taken time to learn , we could potentially have had a disaster on our hands.

BC: Ladies thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Dawn and I are so proud of you ladies. We know this is going to be a huge success. In closing is there anything else you would like to say or add? 
GJ41: Here is some additional info for anyone wanting to attend.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Store Management & Staff Appreciation

I'm on a roll today friends. Hold on to your britches...Mama is on the warpath. I was in a store and overheard a dealer berating the cashier. I'm not sure if this was the manager or just an employee. I did overhear bits and pieces of the conversation. The dealer was obviously upset. The cashier said she would let the owner know. It was an unfortunate incident and while I can sympathize with the dealer, I cannot condone her attitude. She was very condescending, talking loudly and using a disgusting amount of  profanity. I know the dealer was mad, but that was no way to handle the situation. Not only did it make the dealer look bad, but it also made the shop look bad too. In fact, it caused one man to turn and walk right back out the door.

Dealers let me tell you something... and most of you already know this but... if you are unhappy with something about your booth screaming and acting like one the Real Houses Wives of Atlanta is not going to get you anywhere but on the S*%# list of management. Discuss your problems calmly and in private. I know we all have a bad day from time to time, but taking it out on a member of staff is unfair. They are not the enemy. They are working hard for you. They are the eyes and ears when you are not in your booth. They are the ones making a suggestion when a customer comes in looking for a particular item. "Oh yes, Booth Crush has a bistro set in her booth. Let me show you"
I don't think store managers and staff get enough respect.

Fortunately I have mostly been in places where where the staff looks out for their dealers. As a courtesy, if something large sells, a staff member would call to say it sold. I was very appreciative when this happened. That meant I could get a replacement in sooner than having to discover a bare spot in my booth the next time I visited. A lot of stores will also fluff up your booth (when time allows) and fill in the blank spot when something big sells so it doesn't look like a bomb went off in your booth. Some stores have extra staff walking the aisles to help customers and deter shoplifting.

Managers and staff already have to deal with grouchy and angry customers they shouldn't have to deal with angry dealers too. Just remember they do a lot for us like making sure

restrooms are well supplied and clean 
wrapping customer purchases 
helping customers get their items to their cars
calling the dealers when the customer wants to make an offer
cleaning up spills and accidents in the store
making sure the coffee pot is full or the the snack area is replenished
helping dealers load and unload merchandise

I know I left a lot of other tasks off the list, but you get the picture. I can assure you if you make frenemies with the staff, you are only hurting yourself. So the next time you visit the store show the staff some appreciation. Thank them for all they do. Let them know you care. Bring in pizza or donuts one day to surprise them. Send a thank you card. Feeling valued and appreciated can go a long way.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm stepping off my soap box now. Enjoy the rest of your night.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Creative Jewelry Displays

We have had several emails asking us for jewelry display ideas. We thought this would be a good blog topic. When I'm out junkin I'm always on the lookout for things like this. Last summer I was in an antique mall and saw this next idea. This is obviously an old lampshade that has been stripped down to the metal.

We loved the comment Leann left us and wanted to share her idea as well. A colored bulb would be a fun touch, but a soft pink bulb just speaks to my heart. 

We should really get back to doing these "Booth Tips Tuesday" ideas. We loved sharing all your ideas, tips and tricks. I know that last sentence above may have left you wondering what the heck I'm talking about. So I wanted to elaborate. Believe it or not, bare lampshade sell. I have sold them for as much as $30. The Junk stores are full of them. 

Here is a great way to display bracelets. We love this idea and found the pic from Pinterest. 
You could even take this a step further and spray paint your bottles with that pretty sea glass spray paint from Krylon. A Blissful Nest has a good tutorial on her blog.

The next round of photos were all found on Pinterest. If you have a creative way of displaying your jewelry we would love to see photos. Feel free to post a photo on this thread over on our Facebook page.

Be sure to do your own search on Pinterest for more ways to display jewelry. There are thousands of ideas. You can even do a hashtag for #jewelrydisplays on Instagram there are 46K posts about it. 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Vintage Booth Build-Outs

Apparently, our readers love seeing makeovers. Our post last night was a success. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read it. We received a lot of questions about different things that were discussed, but the most asked question was about build-outs. I wanted to do a follow-up today and talk a little bit about that and share some photos.

If you are just stopping by for the first time, we did a post yesterday on one of my old booth makeovers. You can click here to read it. A lot of you were wanting to know more about build-outs. So for those of you that weren't sure a build-out is any type of development or improvement to your booth. This can also include adding walls, a roof, or an expansion.

I'm going to show some examples below, but let me preface this by saying I don't do this to booth shame, anyone. I realize not all stores allow build-outs, or maybe you do not have the financial or  DIY resources to accomplish something like this. Unfortunately, I, too, have been in all three of these situations.

Here is a pic from one of my 2018 shopping trips at Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors. This was taken in the Marietta store. I swear they are not paying me for all this advertising, lol. This was my booth home for a while and I just happen to have a lot of store pics. Anyway, this booth is a good example. It reminds me of a little front door cottage. It has a tin roof, sides, lots of architectural salvage like the stained glass window hanging over the doorway and the weathered picket fence on the sides. This is one of the smaller booths at the Queen, but it is so welcoming and charming that everyone steps inside for a closer look.

This next photo is a booth that is referred to as the "Tiny House Booth" It belongs to Leisa Williams of Odds and Ends. She is one of the manager's at the Marietta store. She always does such a great job staging her merchandise. She has a larger booth as well. As you can see from the photo a roof or arbor has been added. The tall pitch is a bonus because Leisa can hang things from the ceiling.  

Dealers remember if you can hang things from the ceiling take advantage of this real estate. Just be sure to be mindful of taller people when doing so. The last thing you want is too-tall-jones hitting their head on something.  
This next pic is from my friends, Stephanie, and Kathy of Scrappy Chix. I'm showcasing this photo today to show you how they added a ladder across the top of their booth. That enabled them to hang their sign and to stage items on the ladder. Again, it's all about utilizing that real estate that you have. 

If you haven't heard of  Scrappy Chix they were my old booth neighbors and more importantly they are two of the four creators of the new Vintage Market called Georgia Junkies 41 This show will be held next month, March 22-24 in Cartersville, GA. Be sure to check back soon because we are going to be interviewing these ladies and doing an entire blog post just about the show and these ladies. 
I wanted to share this next photo to show you what you can do with those bare studs. This booth didn't have pegboard that reached all the way to the end. So small pieces of 2x4's were cut and added as shelving. It was a great solution to finish an unfinished wall and create shelving. Painting the space black really made the items pop too. This is from Brown Eyed Girlz.

If you ever find yourself in the Acworth, GA you should check out my friends, and store owners Kimberly, and Suzi at Woodstock Antiques and Consignment. I love these ladies. They have wonderful, true authentic antiques and vintage goods. I'm sorry I do not have any build-out photos to share of their store. But I highly recommend you visit them. 

While you are in the area. Be sure to go across the street and visit Woodstock Market. They have some phenomenal build-outs in their store. This next photo is from the crazy talented, Liz Carter of The Purple Cow. Her booth is huge and looks like a little storefront. Did I mention how insanely talented this gal is? Liz, paints, sews and is great at staging too. I could devote an entire blog post to just this booth alone. Are you interested, Liz? 

The next two photos are also from Woodstock Market
This has to be the granddaddy of all build-outs. This is right in the middle of the store. 

Hopefully, this has shed some light on this topic. We hope you enjoyed this post as much as you enjoyed our post yesterday. If you have before and after photos of a build-out you have done or have had done for you we would love to see. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Vintage Booth Makeover

I have had lots of booths over the years. Some have been in little boutique style shops while others have been in large antique malls. In the five years that we have been running Booth Crush, I have shared very few photos of my booth/s. Many of you have asked why. The reason for that is we never wanted to cause any confusion with my booth and Booth Crush. We always felt like readers would get frustrated seeing a constant barrage of booth photos and we would lose reader retention. So we decided to keep them separate.

A couple of weeks ago, when I shared the blog post about the faux garden fence, I said I would share a full photo of my booth. So today I wanted to share the makeover photos. This is from my old booth at Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors.  I have always loved the Queen of Hearts. They have three locations and it is hard to pick a  favorite location because they each hold their own charm. I enjoyed my time there as a dealer. I was at the Marietta location and they have  a great team there. They have guys on staff to help with loading, unloading and hanging things up in your booth. This was a huge perk. I miss all the gang. I would take another booth there in heartbeat, but I'm now living 70 miles away.

I still remember the day I got the call telling me a booth would soon be available. I was thrilled. There is always a long wait list for dealers. I started out with a small booth because it was the only one available. I believe I had a 7x9 booth, but my old lady brain can't remember exactly. I was right in the middle of the store so I felt it was a good start. During this time I was trying to juggle home life, taking care of my uncle in the nursing home, two elderly parents with non stop doctor appointments, my booth, sourcing, painting and my little dog that had suddenly fallen ill and would require daily meds and weekly to bi-weekly vet trips the rest of his life.

As I was approaching my one year anniversary with the Queen things seemed to be calming down for me. My booth was doing great and I felt I was ready to take on a bigger space. Unfortunately, the next one that was available wasn't much bigger but it was a longer booth. The one I was currently in had more depth. My new one was a 9x12, (I believe) but I loved the build out and the work that had been done on it. I was fortunate to be in a place that allowed build-outs. If you have been a dealer for any length of time you know not all stores allow this.

I apologize for the grainy photos. My cell phone game was lacking shall we say. As you can see from the photos below this booth wasn't my style so it would need a makeover. I knew I had to lighten, brighten and freshen this space up. I had a vision and thankfully it wasn't going to take very much effort to change the look.

Here is the after shot. I promptly removed the miles and miles of grapevine wreath and then gave it two coats of paint. This was a soothing, peaceful color. Every time I worked my booth shoppers would stop and ask me about the color. So let me go ahead and answer your question here. The color is called Green Grey Linen by Valspar. For those of you that aren't familiar with this brand, you can find it at Lowes. 

Boy, a little paint sure can change the look of a space. It made a world of difference. These photos do not do the paint color justice. 

I know my booth wasn't large in comparison, but it was a size I could manage with my hectic schedule. Only two months into my new booth, my Mother had taken a serious fall on Christmas day. She broke her shoulder and had to have a total shoulder replacement. I stayed by her side for the next 14 days at the hospital. I was only able to make it to my booth one time over the next 30 days. Thank goodness for my sweet friend, Leslie and a very generous and thoughtful team at the store. With their assistance, I was basically able to put my booth in their hands and know that I was being taken care of. This gave me such a piece of mind. I couldn't have done it without all their help. They were amazing. 

If you are new or thinking about getting a booth somewhere I think it is very important to take a booth in a store where you have good management and people that will look after your booth should an emergency arise. This might be a question that you can ask them during the interview process. 

Now here is a pic of my booth after move-in day. Do you see the garden fence panels at the top? For those that may have missed this post, you can click here to read how I turned Dollar Tree fence panels into this faux looking wrought iron.  
Here is a pic from my first booth. As you can see it was a short booth, but it had depth. My second was longer. 

I hope this little booth makeover inspired you in some way. As always we enjoy seeing your booth makeovers too. Please feel free to share your pics with us. If you have a major booth makeover and have before and after pics maybe we could feature your story here too. Please send all inquiries to 

For those of you that would like to visit the Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors you have three locations to choose from. Alpharetta, Buford, and Marietta. If you are looking for booth info you can read more about that on their vintage dealer page by clicking here. You can also find them here

Friday, February 8, 2019

Rescue Me by Fifi O'neill

The insanely talented, Fifi O'Neill has written another book. Yes, I usual I'm late to the party as I'm just now hearing about this book. It came out in October 2018. This was the same month I lost my precious 4 legged baby. I was so busy taking care of him during his final days that I was MIA from Social media almost the whole month. So I guess this is how this got by me.  

For those of you that don't know Fifi O'Neill, she is an author, founding editor of Romantic Country, French Country Style, Prairie Style, Boho Style. Rustic Weddings, Modern Country. Stylist, and producer. If you haven't heard of her, I strongly suggest you take some "Me time" for yourself and take a look at her work. She wears many hats in this industry and I truly love all her books, but this latest book just might be my favorite.  

RESCUE ME-Love Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved you can find it on Amazon by clicking here100% of the proceeds go to animal shelters and rescue groups. Fifi doesn't receive a penny. 

For those of you that know me, know this is a cause that is very close to my heart. I just ordered my copy on Amazon. After I have read it I know it will make a beautiful coffee table book. This is not an affiliate link, nor am I receiving any compensation for this shout out. Fifi is doing a wonderful thing to help all these babies. So if one person reads this post and orders a book I will be happy to have also helped in some small way. 

She also needs your help. She is asking Congress to pass the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, the first-ever general federal Animal Cruelty law in history. This is a bill with broad bipartisan support. Even prior to swearing in the new members of Congress, this bill had 36 Co-Sponsors in the Senate and 283 Co-Sponsors in the House. It was previously blocked from a vote by a single congressman. Now that the House of Representatives has changed, this bill needs to be brought to the floor of Congress for a vote. We should not go another day without protecting the animals from cruelty, bestiality, and torture. If you have a minute can you please sign the petition? Click here to go sign

You can find Fifi on these social accounts. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Dollar Store Garden Fencing = Faux Wrought Iron

A couple of years ago, I had a booth at Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors. The previous booth owners had really gone all out and added an arbor and mock-style doors on the front two sides. I loved my booth, but I still felt like it was missing something. Maybe I should show you a before and after blog post about how I transformed my old booth. Anyway. I wanted to give it some pizazz, but I just wasn't sure what that would be. Then one day when I was strolling the aisles at Dollar Tree when I stumbled onto those plastic, garden fencing panels. It hit it! I knew I was going to give them a makeover and hang them upside down along the top of my booth.

Here they are before I transformed them. 
 I just gave them a quick coat of Valspar spray paint and then distressed them a bit. I snipped off the spikes with wire cutters. 
 Here they are in my booth
Yesterday I was shopping in a store called Roses. I think these are only in the South East but I may be wrong. If you have never heard of them it is kind of like a Big Lots or a Fred's. They are starting to put out Spring merchandise and I spotted these. All of these were only $1 per panel. I think each panel is 24" long. I can't remember for sure.
These are so much prettier than the ones I used.  
I took several photos so you could see all the different ones. I know there are lots of crafty people out there that could do something very creative with these. 

The photo above was shared by Lisa Evans. 
This last photo was shared by Beth Marohn