Thursday, February 16, 2017

Old Doors as Displays and Room Dividers

From time to time we get questions from dealers asking how they can define their area when they are not allowed to put up walls, or there are no existing surfaces for them to attach to. Old doors to the rescue. They make great temporary walls, room dividers and displays. You can use solid doors, old screen doors or even the tall shutters. 

I was perusing Pinterest the other night looking for some ideas and came across lots eye candy. It's amazing to me what some folks can come up with. I thought I would do a quick post and pass along the inspiration. If you have used old doors in your booth feel free to share pics with us. You can send them to and we may just use them in our blog post.

The following pics were taken from Pinterest. Enjoy! 

This next idea is great for outdoor shows. They lightweight shutters can easily be broken down and set back up. You can also use them in store as well. Just add L brackets to the bottom. The brackets can found at your local hardware store. 

This kind of wood would be pretty with lamp behind it and some shelving. It would seem like you are peeking through the window. 

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