Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dress Form Tutorial

Why are we so enamoured with dress forms? There is just something so romantic and feminine about them. Maybe it reminds us of playing dress up. Just take a look on Pinterest because there are all kinds on there. You will find lots of inspiration for every taste. I think they add a little something extra to that guest bedroom or craft room. They especially look amazing in an antique booth. You can dress them up for the seasons. There are so many ways to create different looks. I have some seen everything from simple to very elaborate. So earlier this year I tried my hand at making a couple of them. I picked up two pinnable jersey dress forms at Stamps Store Fixtures. This is what they originally look like straight out the box.

Here they are after I finished the two. I removed the jersey material that covers the foam body for the one of the left. Next I decoupaged brown kraft paper all over the body. I aged the wood on the base and finial. Then I added the tulle skirt and pearls. For the second one I removed the jersey material and aged it with a primitive recipe I found online. I covered the bodice in some really old German lace and then embellished it with vintage rhinestones and some new trims I purchased at Hobby Lobby. The skirt is made out of coffee filters and lastly I added a big burlap bow. 

The first one just didn't seem finished enough for me so I ended up painting a faux corset by adding white stripes and embellishing it with silver glitter. I kept the tulle skirt, but I just lowered it further down. Now it looks complete.

Both of these dress forms were so much to make but so labor intensive. You can find these dress forms online, ebay or any store fixture company. If you have made one we would love for you to share your images. Feel free to send them to

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