Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7 Booth Mistakes That Will Make You Lose Visitors

1. Having Too Much Clutter in Your Booth
If your booth looks more like an exploded garage chances are customers will pass right on by. I'm not saying everyone will pass you up, but it will discourage some folks. I can attest to this one personally. I was in a big antique mall in AL and overheard two ladies walking in front of me. They avoided several booths because of clutter. 

2. The Walkway into Your Booth is Not Clear
I definitely steer clear of these booths. If it is hard to navigate my way into a booth then I'm going to keep going. The last thing I want to do is play twister and end up breaking something. Try to be mindful of those in wheelchairs also. 

3. The Booth is Not Well Lit
Lighting is so important. You want to make sure your customers can see all your merchandise. If a booth is not well lit it is going to hurt your sales and  it could possibly be harmful for your customers if they trip and fall. If you have lamps in your booth you are going to get noticed. Lamps feel homey and they are warm and inviting. This can be tough because not all booths have power outlets. Try to work with management if you are having issues. 

4. The Booth Looks Like a Museum
Some booths have lots of breakables. Some of those breakables are sitting within reach of little hands. Be mindful that customers may have their children while shopping. I was junkin with a friend of mine and she had her child with her. She would avoid these booths because she didn't want to risk something getting broken. 

5. Missing Price Tags
You want to make sure you have all your items priced. I can't count the times I have picked up an item that I was really interested in and there would be no price tag. Some people will go and ask, but we as dealers should make it easy for our customers. 

6. The Booth is Not Clean
You want your booth to be neat and clean. Also make sure your items are clean as well. Make sure to dust on a regular basis. Make sure you clean your merchandise before your take it into the store. Remove all price tags or crayon written price tags from where you purchased it. 

7. The Booth is Stale and Never Changes
Try to fluff your booth at least once a week and move things around once a month. If customers see your booth looks the same as it did two or three months ago they will think you haven't added anything new. More than likely they will keep walking. I know I do. 


Donna Wilkes said...

Good suggestions. I have had booths in different places since 1998. I still have a core of the same customers through the years because my booth is a plunderosa booth. I have a large booth piled high with things to pull out and a small neat booth that is more like a showroom. I spend at least one whole day a week keeping everything neat and clean. Once a month I move everything in both booths a quarter turn around the space. I also hide a treasure each week. Regular customers know to read my blog posts about the things I buy so they can guess what will be the treasure. Something worth $50 may be marked $20 if I get a super deal on it.

Lisa & Aixa Saltologie said...

Great points! Just like being too full is a mistake, being too empty is too. Balance big pieces with well staged smalls (we like to merch so that you can see it in your home).