Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Packaging Small Items

Have you ever wondered what to do with those tiny smalls in your booth? Today we are sharing ideas on how to deal with those. I don't know about you but I'm a complete sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. I can't tell you how many times I have bought something just because it was neatly wrapped. A few years ago I decided to test the waters. I started packaging up my smalls in cute little bags, adding bag toppers, ribbons etc and sure enough they started selling right away.

Cello bags are a great way to package your items. You can add different embellishments while the customer can still see the contents. Cello bags also serve another good purpose. The crinkle and make noise which might discourage sticky fingers from trying to stick something in their pocket.

You can find resealable cello bags at Uline and I have found them on eBay and Etsy as well. The bag toppers can be printed on your home computer or you can just cut a piece of cardstock to size. Then use rubber stamps to pretty them up if printing is not an option. For those that would like to purchase a do it yourself kit, the Avery line has one available. Comes with bags and bag toppers. You find Avery products at Staples, Office Depot, Office Max and Walmart. Here is a pic from Avery. You can have professional looking bags in minutes. 

Here are some images I found online to hopefully get you inspired. The image source is located under each pic.

Knick Knacks & Doo Dads

Image Source: 52 Flea

Image Source: Polly Ann Reinvents


There are so many creative ways to package up old buttons. If you have old jars laying around you could use anything from old spice jars to sugar jars to mason jars. Just type a pretty ribbon around the neck and your are good to go.

Image Source: Ironstone and Pine

Image Source: Hometalk

Image Source: The Polkadot Closet

Via: Pinterest 

Image Source: Karla's Cottage

Image Source: Elfinpulver

Here is another gorgeous idea for those buttons, small photos, jewelry  or small small items. All of these supplies you need, brown kraft bags, paper dollies, and mini clothes pins can be found at Michaels's Crafts, and Hobby Lobby.  

Image Source: Style Me Pretty


Tea towels are pretty simple. These ideas can also apply to fabric bundles or small linens. You can put these in a cello bag and dress them up that way with cute bag toppers or just place a piece of pretty cardstock around them with your branding. 

Image Source: Yvonne Ellen

How stinking cute are these tea towels bundled up in an old fruit crate?! I love this idea. You could also do this with fabrics and laces as well. 

Image Source: How Joyful Shop

This next image is mine. I used to sell the image transfer tea towels on Etsy. This is the way I would wrap my tea towels. 

Image Source: Booth Crush


Cheryl Weltha said...

Great packaging ideas!

Deanies Stash said...

Wonderful inspirations for packaging! I love them all.

Dagmar Bleasdale said...

Hi! Thanks for including my buttons in the Jello mold! I love all of the other ideas. Please link to my blog,, instead of my Hometalk link - they shouldn't get the credit. Thank you!

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