Monday, February 27, 2017

Seeing Past the Ugliness

How many of you dealers pass up an item just because it is outdated, ugly or the wrong color? Oh come on you know you are guilty. The next time you are out shopping yard sales and thrift stores slow down and give that ugly item a mental makeover. If you walk away you are losing easy money. 

Sometimes all an item needs is a simple coat of paint or a few tweaks to change the complete look. When I am out junking I am always on the look out for certain things, but I never let an ugly item keep me from making a purchase. Thankfully, I was blessed with the ability to be able to see past the ugly and envision what an item could look like. It is not always an easy task, but most of the time I can.

We wanted to share seven quick, easy and cheap thrift store fixes. 

1. Figurines: I painted over this ceramic figurine with a coat of Annie Sloan Paris Grey and then went over with her white wax. 

2. Picture Frames: Frames are usually an easy fix. A coat of paint and some pretty scrapbooking paper can change the look in 20 mins or less. 

On this next frame, I covered the existing image with burlap then added burlap flowers, a lace doily and painted clothespin to hold a picture.  

3. Outdated Framed Prints/ Mirror Frames: Take that outdated photo out, remove the glass and backing, give the frame a coat of paint and sell it as an open back frame. These are so popular with brides right now. Or replace the picture with a chalkboard center or chicken wire for a message board. 

Here is a gorgeous old frame I found at a thrift store. I think it may have had a mirror in it at one time. I loved the shape and the ornate details. My first thought was chalkboard, but then after a closer inspection the wood was cracked and too uneven so I came up with jewelry organizer. 

4. Floral Arrangements: If the flowers are outdated and it is a pretty basket or vase, just toss the flowers, paint the vase (if it needs it) and add some new greenery or sell just the vase. 

5. Wreaths: This was a pretty simple makeover. I took everything off the wreath. Painted the deer and pine cones white and then added rearranged everything and added a burlap bow to the deer. 

6. Pitchers: This is another easy fix. Check out the makeover. These pitchers were picked up for $2 each at the thrift store. Pic via: Pinterest (The Painted Hinge)

7. Lamps: This was an ugly, green metal lamp. I spray painted it white, distressed and added the burlap flowers to the existing shade. 

Scored this pretty little glass lamp for a buck. I didn't change the appearance of the lamp, but I deconstructed the shade down to the bare bones and added bits of lace trim and old ribbon. Another super easy fix that was flipped for $34. 

Here is a pic from an old booth of mine. I found a pair of  UGLY old brown, wood lamps and transformed them with a coat of chalk paint and sold them without shades. 

Pic via: Mom Advice


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Great transformation pieces. I'll now keep an opened mind and eye on ugly pieces.


Booth Crush said...

Thank you, Sissie's Shabby Cottage. There are so many great pieces out there. Have fun and be sure to share your thrifted makeovers with us!