Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi, Friends. Dawn and I have been MIA both here on the blog and on FB. Lots of things going on...keeping us both very busy. I had posted a very popular blog called: What sold for June and it was accidentally deleted by little fingers. I had planned to repost it, but because I'm a ding bat, I didn't save my photos after I had cropped and watermarked them. So not only does the blog post have to be rewritten, all the photos have to edited AGAIN. Now, here we are in August. So I'm wondering if I should just skip over June and do a post for July. Honestly finding the time is the problem. We need clones. We haven't even been able to find the time to post the other vendor contributions. Does anyone want to come blog for us? Haha. No seriously. 

Some of you have been asking if there really is going to be a conference for booth owners and the answer is yes. Click here to read that post. 

Also, we are looking for dealers to do a guest post for us. If you have ideas for a good blog post and would like to be our guest shoot us an email at boothcrush@gmail.com 

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