Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Display Risers for Usage and Selling

One of our readers recently asked us to suggest some display ideas that could be used as well as sold. We have done blog posts on just about every other kind of display so we thought we would share a few ideas. Risers make good displays as they add visual interest. Risers came be handmade like in this next photo. I think these are gorgeous and would look great if you could use some recycled lumber with chippy paint.

Other items you can use are stools. I love using these and when I'm out junkin I'm always on the lookout for them.  These are so easy to paint great for staging and often a good seller. 

Although this next idea is not a riser, I loved the concept. If you were going to display this on top of a table, you could leave off the legs. Just think of all the pretty wallpapers you could add to the back. I think you could also achieve this look by framing up some 1x4's.
This next idea was taken from Craft Hackers. They even have step-by-step tutorial on their blog on how to build this display. 

Audrey made this beautiful steps after she say a similar set sell on ebay. Click here to see more. 

These adorable spools are available through Antique Farmhouse

Remember you can always stack smaller tables on larger table to create displays. Or take a coffee table and split it in half to create this adorable display. Image from Remodelaholic 
Or how about an entire wall with old tables. This idea is great, but if you went to all this trouble to build this more than likely you would not want to sell it. But I thought I would share it anyway for inspiration. 
Image from Notapaperhouse.com 

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