Thursday, January 5, 2017

Most Popular Furniture Colors

We did a survey on our Facebook page the other night.  Out of nearly 6,000 page likes 3477 people were reached but only thirty something people commented. Thank you to those that did. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by. 

The results are in and it's safe to say White wins with Gray coming in second. My friends always tease me for selling boring white furniture, but I have been selling it since 1999 and it always does very well for me. 

Here are some pictures from some of the folks that commented. Thanks for sending your pics. 

B Junqued = Savannah, GA

Tin Roof Junction = Concord, North Carolina

Southern Pickin Chicks = Franklin, TN

Bearly Used Furniture = Savannah, GA


Brandi Faulk said...

People make fun of my white furniture all the time too. They just don't understand that those are our money makers. And while we love being creative, obviously we do this to get a paycheck as well :)

Anita Pendley said...

There are so many shades of white. I would love for people to share the brand and color name of the white they use.

G00dy said...

Thanks for featuring me in your blog! Unfortunately the link is broken.
Bearly Used Furniture can be seen at -