Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dollar Tree Makeovers

I have a confession to make. I was a Dollar Tree Snob until a last year. I never went into one, because I thought...what could they possibly have that would be worth anything? Was I ever wrong!  After seeing a DT makeover on Instagram I knew I had to go check out the store. I found lots of things I liked but never expected to find. My favorite sections are florals/crafts, office supplies and the holiday section. 

So over the Christmas holidays I did a few DT makeovers and thought I would share them with you. I wish I could claim all of these ideas as my own but I have to credit Pinterest, Instagram and a fellow junker. This first photo is an idea I saw on Instagram. I wish I could remember the account name to give them credit. Someone had taken  a Dollar Tree gift bag and framed it. It just so happened I had a few of the same gift bags stashed away for gifts. Over the summer I scored two of these gorgeous picture frames at a yard sale. They used to be a black bulletin boards before I painted them white and shabbied them up. I got them for a $1.00 each. I took one of the red truck gift bags and cut the bag apart. Since the bag had the same image on both sides I only needed one bag. I was able to create two of these frames for $3.

I'm such a sucker for ornate picture frames. So when I saw this next idea in a friend's booth I knew I had to make a chalkboard too. These cute little plastic frames were in the Halloween section of Dollar Tree. A quick coat of paint and some chalkboard paint quickly transformed these Halloween frames into a gorgeous shabby chic frame.

Here is one I had been saving for a long time. Back in the spring, I bought this little ceramic bird. It was a turquoise color and I decided to paint it white.I added a paper crown and embellished the crown with rhinestones also from the Dollar Tree. Sorry I don't have a before pic. 

Here is a pic I found on Pinterest of a Dollar Tree bird. 

This next idea is from Pinterest. I kept seeing these adorable glittered deer ornaments framed and of course I had to try my hand at them as well. Luckily I had been saving some vintage Christmas sheet music and some old metal filigree frames. So I removed the glass, decoupaged the sheet music to the cardboard insert and then glued the deer to the sheet music. Easy peasy.

These are some quick projects that you can do a makeover on and sell in your booth. I hope you enjoyed the projects. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my DT makeovers. For more inspiration just do a google search or check out the projects on Pinterest. 


Renee Holder said...

You have just given me some great ideas. I love your blog. I think it is great how we can always learn something from someone else. Thank you for sharing and I will pass you page along to all my friends.

Booth Crush said...

Hi Renee. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I was hoping this blog post would be helpful. Looking forward to sharing more of these in the future. Thanks for stopping by.