Friday, January 29, 2016

New Life for Old Dresser Drawers

I am kicking myself right now. I know of at least two dressers I have tossed out because they weren't worth fixing up. I should have saved those old drawers. Check out all these inspiring ways to use them as displays. I think these would look fantastic in a booth. In case you missed the album I shared last for for old drawers you can click here to see it.

Image Via: TMTOMH

I love this next idea for outdoor shows or barn sales. You could build a faux wall with windows and add the drawers for window boxes. I could see putting old china plates in here or other vintage wares.  

Image via: Kammy's Corner

Image via: Rustic Pig Designs


Image via: Shades of Grey

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Shabby Jen said...

I love using old drawers to create something pretty and fun. The ones you shared here sure are pretty!!!