Monday, May 15, 2017

Decorating with Old Books

Several years ago, Restoration Hardware started the fad of taking old books and ripping hardcovers off. Then they would tie them up in a bundle with jute string. I love the idea for it's texture as well as simplicity. Since then lots of other ideas have been born. I thought I would share some other those ideas on the blog today. I'm pretty sure, Dawn (the other half of Booth Crush) cringes when she sees what they are doing to these old books. Her full time job is a Librarian. Sorry, Dawn. :-) 

Books are a great way to decorate not only in your home, but in your booth. You can find old books at thrift stores, auctions, yard and estate sales. The best thing about them is they are usually super cheap.Dawn and I were in Savannah on business last week and I discovered a thrift store that had just received a truck load of old books. I mean really old ones like from the 20's - 40's. They had them priced a quarter each. It was a one day sale only and unfortunately, by the time I stopped by, most of them were gone. But I still managed to get some good ones. 

There are a number of ways you can use them in your decor. The most popular way is bundling them up together. You can either paint them or remove the jacket and use them that way. I love the look of both ways. So here is just a sampling of photos and ideas for your creative inspiration. Most pics are from Pinterest, but the first few are from Restoration Hardware. 

UPDATE: Please note some of the photos have been removed since these were pulled from Pinterest and we did not have the proper photo credit. 

Here is my version. I don't know what those round,  numbered washer looking things are but I thought they looked very Restoration Hardware- ish. 

Here is one I found at my local antique store. The hardcover had been removed then the pages were lightly washed with a pale pink on all the sides. I bought it and used it for a while and then sold it on Etsy. 

I love this next idea by Jen Rizzo. She has a tutorial on her blog. Be sure to visit. Link below. 

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. But you can purchase it on Etsy by clicking here
Love this pretty bouquet. Available at Pages Garden on Etsy. 
Love the simplicity of rolled up pages in a mason glass jar. Pic via: The Cottage Market

Gorgeous wreath available at Rose Flower 48 on Etsy

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