Saturday, August 6, 2016

True Vision Eye Care : Acworth, GA

Hi friends. I know it has been forever since we last did a blog post. I  can't even blame it on bad eye sight for  lack of updates. I had an eye exam last week and thankfully got a good report. Just know that we always have good intentions though. Speaking of eye exams... today, I want to share a post about True Vision Eye Care. I realize this is not booth or junk related, but in a way, it kind of is. Over the spring I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow junker and vintage dealer. Her name is Dr. Shara Draper Mays and she is one of the owners of True Vision. Shara and I have become fast friends. She is just the sweetest person you would ever hope to meet. I love it when a Doctor is great at what they do, but when they also have a great personality to go with it. That's always a bonus. To show you what a small world it is, we were in the same antique shop as vintage dealers last spring, but had never actually met.

I am a true believer of supporting local businesses and small Mom and Pop shops, especially those I love. So you may start seeing a few more posts like these in the future. Last week I went to True Vision Eye care located in Acworth, GA for my long overdue eye exam. They are in a new location now. And lemme tell didn't do justice to this place.

It is just BEAUTIFUL! From the moment I pulled in the parking lot I was impressed. Once inside, I felt like I had walked into a swanky boutique. Although, you knew you were in an Optometry office, it didn't feel all cold and sterile. It felt warm, inviting and like a place I would just want to hang out. They have state of the art equipment, or at least to me it was. Oh and did I mention what a knowledgeable and kind staff they have. They have a large variety of eye wear including designer names as well as sunglasses and contacts. I loved it so much I booked my Mother an appointment for next week. So I wanted to share some photos I took on my visit. Enjoy! If you are local to Acworth, GA or the surrounding area and find yourself in need of Optometry services please give them a call. You will be glad you did.

True Vision Eye Care

6121 Cedarcrest Road Suite 108
Acworth, GA 30101

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