Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Best Selling Smalls

Smalls. You either love em or hate em. There was a time when I didn't want to deal with them. I wanted to sell chalkboards, message boards, open back picture frames, hand painted signs and furniture. Those were my items. Needless to say I soon learned those things don't pay the rent. Smalls do. I also learned having a variety of merchandise with a variety of price points helps my bottom dollar. I now embrace smalls and look for them whenever I'm out junking. I usually have good luck finding these items at yard sales, estate sales, auctions, and thrift stores. 

The hot ticket items for me that always sell any time of the year are: old wire baskets, picture frames, chalkboards, linens, hankies, lamps, vintage luggage, skeleton keys, sewing notions, lace, ball jars, and almost anything rusty or chippy. 

Since we are all from cities and states, I was curious to see what other dealers were selling. I conducted a FB survey about a couple of months ago and these are the things that other dealers are selling: 

aprons,    bed springs,    bells, 
beverage crates,    ball jars,    books, 
bottles,    buttons,    ephemera, 
sheet music,    laces, trims,    table clothes, 
hankies,   china, dolls,    dollies, 
hankies,    Christmas items,    shutters, 
Tupperware,    Pyrex,    purses, 
letters,    globes,    costume jewelry, 
photos,    wood crates    and 
anything rusty and crusty

Other items that are not vintage, but are good selling smalls are candles, pillows, soaps, handcrafted items, cloches, and seasonal items.

What are your hot selling small items. Please feel free to comment below. 


Jen Rippinger said...

Hey that's me !!!! Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

I thought I knew those globes from Jen's Fresh Vintage! Don't they look great, displayed as a group? It's funny how just a single item won't sell, but in a group it will!

Melissa Stanley said...

I think it as said above, but for me, I've noticed that smalls sell WAY BETTER for me when I have a huge grouping of them! For example, if I bring in 1 Ball jar, it is a lot less likely to sell than if I brought in a dozen. It just seems people shopping the antique malls either: 1) love to buy in bulk (just like me!!) or 2) don't notice the small item unless you have a whole ton of them sitting in 1 place or 3) generally they're looking for more than 1 of that small thing. Just my two cents worth of what I've noticed over the past 7 years I've been doing this!