Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage Dealer Interview Questions

1. How long have you been a vintage dealer? 

2. What type of setting (Mall/Boutique/Flea Market) are you in? 

3. How many booths do you have? 

4. What size booth/s do you have? 

5. What do you sell? 

6. What do you find sells the most in your booth? 

7. What do find sells the least in your booth? 

8. Why do you think your booth has been successful? 

9. How often do you refresh your booth?

10.  What mistakes have you made and learned from as dealer?

11. What plans do you have to improve your booth for the new year?

12. What advice do you have for someone just starting out?

13. What do you think the number one mistake is that unsuccessful dealers make? 

14. Do you do this for a living, part time or as a hobby? 

15. Do you stick to a specific color scheme with your booth? 

16. Do you utilize social media, and if so, which ones work best? 

17. What is an average month in sales for your booth? 

18. Do you price your items with even, odd or somewhere in the middle? 

19. Where do you find your vintage goods?

20. Do you change your booth out to reflect the seasons and or holidays? 

21. Do you swap out stale merchandise or do you reduce it for a fast sale?

22. Do you think booth location is important? 

23. Do you use any kind of inventory software for your personal use? 

24. Do you market your booth/s outside social media? 

25. Do you sell online too? If so which venue do you use -Ebay/Etsy/Other? 

26. Would you like to own your own store someday? 

27. Do you ever participate in barn sales or pop up sales? If so, how many a year? 

28. Where do you find your vintage items? 

Do you have any other advice tips or info you would like to add? 

Please cut and paste all the questions and return them to also We will also need  the name of your booth, name of your antique store, the address and phone number as well as any links to your FB page or website. Include 5 to 6 images of your booth to be included with blog post. 

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