Monday, July 21, 2014

Antique Shop Owner Interview No. 1 = Three Sisters

Hi friends. Today, we are interviewing Bobbie Weber. She is the owner of a beautiful shop in Crestline, CA called: Three Sisters Home Decor and Antiques. This interview is going to be a little bit different from our normal Vintage Dealer interview. We thought it would be nice to hear from a shop owner for a change. Kind of see what goes on behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy. So here goes: 

My Name is Bobbie Jo Weber. Im from Hesperia California, which is Southern Californa. I have been a shop owner since early 2000's. I'm the Daughter of a family of small businesses, so I have been raised around small business my whole life. I worked for my parents Feed & Western Clothing Store as a Manager for many years. I was raised on an 80 acre Ranch with 2 older brothers and Parents.... Our Ranch had many Antiques & my Mom always took me to Yard Sales. I have owned several shops sold most of them. My shop Name is Three Sisters for My Three Daughters, they are still young 7-11-14 and a son who is 20 he is my right hand, he has already owned an Antique Store as well.... he still Picks some of the Greatest Finds & sells at my Store... he has a client list as well.  I chose the Name Three Sisters because first off is Sang to my Soul and I wanted to Open the Doors for my Little Ladies if they ever want to Be Independent and follow there Heart I would have something to Give them in the future. 

1. How long have your been a shop owner? Since early 2000's

2. How large is your store?  My store is about 1,000 sq ft and has a court yard and a sweet Porch.

3. Do rent out booth space? No, not at this time. 

4. Before becoming a shop owner, were you a vintage dealer?  Yes. 

5. What do think your hot ticket items are that customers just can't get enough of? My Customers can not get enough of the Furniture that I create,Design and paint in my Original Color Schemes. Also they can not get enough of my original treasures I find.

6. What are your non selling items? My non selling items I would have to say Kitchenware and the 60's/70's items.

7. Do you think the shabby look is still selling very well?  I would have to say its my lively hood. I truly believe Woman will always have a Love for the White Pinks pales... The way I decorate I texturize and feed in a little of glass metal floral fabric.... Many of my Customers Fall in Love when they walk in Shop.. many people say its Magical... I truly feel we are enchanted and romanced if the Right Tools are in Place, which for me is Smell (candles) Sound of Water.....taking an old beat up dresser chair chandler and breathing new Life into it.......I believe in most Ladies there is that Little Girl that Loves and Connects with The Feminine inside her when she steps into a Total Frilly & Fancy Shop. There are many ways to Create a Magical Shop... when I listened to my Heart it took me to a beautiful place... My very own Magical Play House I created..... and  I get to Share with everyone which brings me such Joy. 

8. Do you sell a lot of industrial chic and salvaged items? Yes I texturize with Salvage when I stage my shop which I do many times a week. My Son has a great eye for Salvage and has a Love for the Old as well so we make a Great Team.

9. Do you utilize social media? If so, which ones work best for you? Yes I do use Social Media which I use Facebook which has worked wonderful for me.

10. Does your store offer classes? Not during the Summer. That is Our Busiest time of the Year.

11. Does your shop offer any of the chalk paints?  I do not sell any of the Chalk Paints.... My Customers love my paint that i make and Use and so my buying customers receive a free sample size with there new purchase to touch up in the feature etc.  I feel how can I tell customers to Buy Chalk paint if I don't use chalk paint myself....I think Chalk Paint is A great Product but I have to keep my Cost down in Order to Keep a Profit. My Customers want my colors that I create and so thats whats worked best for me. 

12. Why do you think your shop has been successful? Well Three Sisters is the 6th Antique Store I have owned. Location Location. Location plays a key part in my success. I'm in a small Mountain Tourist town right on Main Street. The shop has Open Beam Ceilings which creates the foundation for a perfect Shop. My shop has a lot of Charm, don't get me wrong its a hustle. I don't ever have days off. I may not be at the shop but My phones always ringing or Im constantly Creating and Designing in my Head hahaha for those of You who can relate... many nights I stay awake super excited about designing the shop or a customers house...or out treasure hunting... You have to have a Huge Love for What Your doing and Believe in Your Very Own Magic... I believe everyone has there very own Magic and if You try to be like the next Girl... I believe You will Fail.... Its been a long road to get to The Place I'm at today..... Family Tragedy & hardships & just the Ups and Downs of Owning a small Business with an economy that lets face it.... struggles... So Keep a Passion & Love & Faith in Yourself and Most of All My Faith In The Lord  has Gotten me to this Beautiful Place.

13. What advice would you have for someone going into business for themselves? If someone were going into Business with a Brick & Mortar what advise would You offer them? Seek out Other Antique Shop owners & Vendors for there point of view on business & maybe try to be a Vendor First in that area your wanting to Open a Shop in to see what people are buying and like.

14. What do you think the biggest mistakes are that vendors make? I think one of the biggest mistakes is letting Product go, sometimes there are times we have to Sell Items for what we have into them just to move items, I love moving product and keeping the store changed around all the time.... staging is another importance in being successful... Creating an atmosphere that is Your very own Magic.... Texturize Texturize & Lighting... learned this from a Dear Friend/ Artist when I first got into the business... I owe her a lot.... that is Ginny Gonzalez.

15. What do you think the biggest mistakes are that shop owners make? Same answer as before with vendors... add to that Keeping a safe small circle of People around You that You can trust and turn to.... In Life there are takers and givers and often times when a shop owner people want to take advantage of Your Kindness but stay Firm in Your beliefs and what You stand for.

Do you have anything further you would like to add? Any advice, tips or suggestions?  I advise shop owners & vendors to research your area for MarketPlaces/Shows to join... in 2013 I join the Show called The Vintage Market Place located in Fallbrook/Rainbow California... Its a Show put on By Artist Christie Repasy & Rita Reade its one of the Best shows in Untied States with over 50 has been the Best Business decision for my Business..... I have customers that buy from me at The Shows that own there own Prop Studios/Companies.. so its put my Business on a Bigger Map....people from all over attend this show! 

Thank you for asking me to do this interview for Booth Crush its been an honor and I hope this gives Ya guys an Idea of who I'am and what I stand for.... Anyone has any questions Facebook me at Three Sisters Crestline, California..

Thank you so much, Bobbie for a great interview. We appreciate you taking the time to share your story, tips advice and beautiful photos. Wish we lived closer so we could visit in person. But for now, we will just have to dream about it. 

We hope you enjoyed this interview this week. We are looking for new vintage dealers to interview. So if you have been a successful vintage dealer for a year or longer. Please email us at


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