Sunday, January 20, 2019

Free Weathered Wood Price Tags

Happy Sunday friends. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there especially in the upper states. It was rainy here yesterday and it has been very cold today so I stayed inside as much as possible. I think lots of us are getting cabin fever and itchy for Spring.

So for those of you that are cooped up, I thought I would share some printables with you. Maybe give you a little something fun to work on. We did a poll last Sunday asking if you would be interested in receiving printable price tags and the results are in. 140 of you voted. 129 said yes and while 11 of you said no. I am working on some fun printables right now. But in the meantime please enjoy these weathered looking price tags. You can find them at the bottom.

It was interesting to see the final results we did on the Farmhouse trend. I think I speak for most of you when I say true authentic farmhouse goods will always have a place. However the cheap massed produced, made in China, knockoff stuff is what I was referring to. I don't mean to include everyone in this statement, but I do think a lot of the millennials don't seem to care if it's a true vintage piece or not. They just want the look and they want it cheap.

So here are the results. 249 of you voted on this poll. 93 of you said it is starting to decline while 156 of you said it is still going strong.
Okay now that we have the poll results out of the way let's get on to the fun printables. If you have a specific theme in mind just drop us a line or comment over on Facebook and let us know what you would like to see in the future. 

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